About me

Hi, my name is Florence. I am a Software Engineer based in the SF Bay area. I have always had a passion for software development. Recently, I co-created Layr: A decentralized p2p cloud file storage network. I have also completed other freelance projects in the past. I am proficient in JavaScript, Node.js, Ruby, Rails, React, and HTML&CSS.

Feature project

Layr is a decentralized, peer to peer file storage system built atop Kademlia DHT that enforces data integrity and availability, with cryptocurrency-based incentive scheme.

Quick demo for uploading and downloading a short movie:

Upload Download Process

Quick demo for auditing and patching a redundant shard of copy:

Audit Patch Process

Personal projects

  • MyFlix: A Netflix-like video subscription application built with Rails
    Myflix Search
    Live here GitHub Link

  • PetHome: A social network site dedicated for pet lovers built with Rails
    Pet Home
    Live here GitHub Link

  • FloTrello: a project management tool allows you to drag & drop the cards and lists in the board
    Flo Trello Clone
    Live here GitHub Link

  • Restaurant Site: a front end project for ordering sushi
    Sushi Order
    Live here